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Instagram Cooking Contest!

CIA Student Chefs Make Turning the Tables Unrecipes - Vote for a Winner!

Unrecipes are the heart of the Turning the Tables cookbook, master formulas to use whatever produce is fresh, seasonal or local plus pantry staples to create tasty, healthful dishes with a lower carbon footprint. Swapping out ingredients means that every time a dish is made, it will be deliciously different!

Each month, beginning in November, student chefs at the Culinary Institute of America are invited to create recipes from Turning the Tables and post photos on Instagram, @stick2local. Each month, everyone is invited to vote by liking and commenting on their favorite entries. Two winners will be chosen each month. Winners are awarded prizes and glory -- a signed copy of our future cookbook, plus credit and thanks within that cookbook! So, check out our Instagram page - throughout each month chefs will be posting, the public has an additional two weeks to vote! CIA Student chefs click here.

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