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Welcome to the Turning the Tables Instagram Competition!
Do you have what it takes to be a climate-conscious chef?

Join in the Turning the Tables Instagram Competition! With our Earth’s temperature steadily rising, it is our time to act as culinarians. The goal of this competition is to bring awareness to the climate crisis and educate ourselves and others about how to eat climate-consciously. Be creative with these low carbon unrecipes and strive to use locally sourced ingredients and those that promote restorative agriculture and a healthy climate!  This contest is for current CIA student chefs only.

How to Enter
  1. On the first of each month, two recipes from the Turning the Tables cookbook will be posted on our Instagram story highlight section “Unrecipes”.

  2. Recreate one of the two recipes using seasonal, local, and available ingredients. One of the unrecipes will always be a dorm-room-friendly option that requires minimal cooking equipment.

  3. Photograph your dish and also your local sources: farmers, gardens, grocery stores, The more photos the more fun!  Food photography tips here.

  4. Post your photos:
     - tag every photo @sticktolocal and @theculinaryinstituteofamerica
     - list the name of the unrecipe
     - list local ingredients used
     - optional: list all ingredients to engage and inspire voters!
     - any comments or stories about your dish

  5. Invite your friends, fans, family, and suppliers to vote for you by liking and commenting on your posts.

  6. Each month the Turning the Tables team will review the entries. The contestants with the most likes, comments and engagements from the general public, the farms and other local food sources will be our winners! 


Two new unrecipes are posted the first of each month to our Instagram story highlight section "Unrecipes", One of the options will always be dorm room friendly for students with minimal access to a kitchen. Each contest is open for entries until the end of the month, but the earlier you post the more time you’ll have to gather likes and comments.

Prizes and Glory!

Winning contestants receive:

  • A signed copy of Turning the Tables: Cooking to Thrive in the 21st Century.

  • An invitation to the Turning the Tables book publishing party.

  • Personal thanks and credit in the cookbook, with optional with photo and winning dish recipe.

Be Creative, Use Local Ingredients, Cook Climate-Consciously!

Happy Posting!

Questions or comments? Katy Cassady

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