• Maria

bachela bean dip

I stumbled upon a fantastic new way to make bean dip and spread that I'm calling “Bachelor Bean Dip” (or “Bachela” for us females). This makes it so easy to make a delicious bean puree that's a great veggie dip or sandwich spread. Here's what you do:

1. Get a 19 oz. can of your favorite beans (slightly bigger than the usual 16 oz. size—look for Progresso). Crack the lid and drain the liquid from the can, then remove the lid completely.

2. Add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil (no need to measure—this is bachela style!) Add a clove or two of garlic and salt and pepper.

3. Take a stick blender and puree those beans right in the can! (The slightly larger can allows space for the business end of the blender.)

4. Remove the blender and add a handful of roughly chopped or scissored herbs and give them a quick blend to chop them more finely.

5. Taste and if desired add more seasonings, oil, or a shot of lemon or vinegar if it seems a little dull.

That's it—you're done—and no dish to wash! If you're really baching it, dip those veggies right in the can! Or get civilized and serve your tasty puree in a bowl or spread it on a sandwich. I love white beans with rosemary and garlic chives on toast with chopped fresh-picked tomatoes. Also great is black beans with garlic, chilis and cilantro, and classic hummus with chick peas, garlic, tahini and lemon. Above is a black bean dip and enough veggies and whole grain crackers to call it a meal! The variations are endless!