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Give to get - HV Gives

Our partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension-Ulster County (CCEUC) is invaluable. Jared Buono, co-author of Turning the Tables Cookbook and Executive Director at CCEUC, provides expert perspective surrounding climate change. On the whole, CCEUC holds a firm understanding of New York agriculture, providing priceless resources to our farming community, such as insight on invasive species, pest control, rotational grazing, and more. For our communities, CCEUC provides a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of topics: from childcare to cooking, training to certifications.

Though affiliated with Cornell University in New York, CCEUC is responsible for funding its many offerings including Master Gardener, 4-H, and Healthy Nutrition programs. Each year, CCE’s budget is funded 80% through grants and contracts, with the remaining 12% from generous individuals like you.

Check in between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. for a couple freebie sessions including:

  • 10a Goat Yoga where Downward Dog makes way for Goat Pose, aka Goat Giggle. Catch this live event on Facebook for a late morning stretch, or just a good belly laugh.

  • 11a session Meet the Author: Maria Reidelbach, co-author of Turning the Tables Cookbook, shares planet-friendly recipes and cooking tips while simultaneously livestreaming a community cook session featuring orange marmalade. Bring your questions, or share recipe variations, in the Facebook thread.

  • Noon Ask a Gardener: Four Master Gardeners host a talk on pollinators, spring gardening chores, composting, and general gardening tips. Master Gardener Coordinator, Dona Crawford and Master Gardener graduates Cecily Frazier, Barbara Bravo, and George Volpe share gardening techniques you can do at lots of time for your questions -- and their answers -- during this live panel

To show our appreciation for your gift received on Hudson Valley Gives Day, CCEUC acknowledges donations over $50 with a free programming session (TBA). To sweeten the deal, Maria will send you her cookbook, Stick to Local Farms Cookbook -- FREE -- when you make your gift of $50 or more during the Meet the Author hour!

Can’t make it on May 20? Make your tax-deductible donation here any time during the day. THANK YOU for making a difference with your gift on May 20.



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